To illustrate the focus of our work we have compiled selected publications and quotes by Dr. Berthold Hannes

Reuters September 02, 2020: Tesla tests the circuits for German energy market push

“…’The next and obvious step for Tesla is to get into production, especially of renewable power,’ said consultant Berthold Hannes, who has 30 years of energy advisory experience. ‘Tesla could use its own locations, for example the roofs of plants or the sites of charging points, and alternatively, or in addition, it could take stakes in solar plants or wind parks,’ he said…”

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For the third year in a row EnBW Innovation is among the top 3 of Germany’s Innovation Labs

The 2020 Corporate Innovation Study of Infront Consulting & Management GmbH and Capital Magazine looked at nearly 50 different innovation labs. This year’s focus: How do labs succeed in growing real new business(es).

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Handelsblatt October 17, 2019: Invest in megatrends – How investors profit from the trend to green hydrogen and fuel cells

„… Berthold Hannes, a consultant to the energy industry, believes elektrolysis is an important technolgy on the path to a carbon neutral society.  ‚Besides use cases in the industrial and in the transportation sectors hydrogen is a interesting option to store energy in combination with wind power plants‘, the consultant says. ‚Using electrolysis, excess power can be stored as hydrogen to release it in times of low wind.‘ …“

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Distributed generation is a threat to traditional utilities, but also an opportunity


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Analysis: How energy efficiency firms are eating utilities’ lunch


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RWE will am Energiesparen verdienen


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Europas große Energieversorger in Alarmbereitschaft: Hohe Wechselbereitschaft der Kunden aufgrund neuer und lokaler Wettbewerber

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Energy Efficiency – The „C-Level” and the role of strategy consultancies


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Die Gunst der Stunde nutzen: Investitionsmöglichkeiten für Energieversorger durch die Finanzkrise


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Neue Geschäfte für Energieversorger


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Europas Versorger festigen ihre Macht


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Energiekonzern GdFSuez sucht sein Heil in der Ferne


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Kampf ums Gas


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Das Kartell Moskau-Teheran


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Schock und Chance


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