Dr. Berthold Hannes

30 years of consulting experience in the energy industry

1989-2006 A.T. Kearney; Munich/ Dusseldorf
2006-2013 Bain & Company; Dusseldorf

Comprehensive project experience in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Nordic, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, India

Development and implementation of strategies and business models for renowned energy companies and newcomers: 

  • Long-term investment strategies (10-15 years) under uncertainty
  • Market entry strategies, e.g. for distributed generation, smart city, software-as-a-service, financing in the renewable sector (large European bank)
  • Business models e.g. for renewable generation, distributed generation, data management, energy procurement, retail, marketing

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Company transformation across the whole value chain:

  • Re-organization of the business across all business units and regions for a large, integrated European utility
  • Development and implementation of customer loyalty programs in B2B and B2C
  • Concept and implementation of mergers, e.g. for 3 regional distributors in Germany, for 2 regional distributors in Hungary, for 2 gas utilities in the Czech Republic, for a water utility and a regional distributor in Germany
  • Development and implementation of comprehensive efficiency programs, e.g. for regional distributors and municipal utilities in Germany, Hungary, Poland, UK

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Support of acquisitions and divestments in the energy sector:

  • Definition of the divestment priorities and support of the realization
  • Identification of M&A candidates in the distributed generation market
  • Support of renowned Private Equity firms in the energy sector

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