The energy markets in Europe and particularly in Germany undergo continuous and significant changes since more than 20 years. Whereas during the 90’s the focus was on the implementation of the European Single Market directive, the challenges have become more complex and tough since then. Meanwhile, the traditional central generation is under enormous pressure and hardly profitable.

In addition to the renewable generation, more and more distributed, prosumer driven generation pushes into the merit order. These generation types can be run profitable without subsidies in more and more cases. Customers as prosumers challenge the role of the traditional utility.

Retail is enjoying increasing margins though, however it is under serious competition due to low entry barriers. And the distributed generation offered by many providers of the “Energie-Mittelstand” is demanding its toll. All in all – the classical utility business model is at stake. The clearly defined new business model is not yet in sight. Betting is that it will have to address smaller scale businesses in many regards compared with the past. Investments into renewable generation are one focus. Furthermore, recent deliberations center around distributed generation (both renewable and conventional), customer-driven and smart energy solutions for residential and SME, for industrials and for municipalities and cities, the ownership of energy-, usage- and other customer data and the (paid) advice to customers in energy efficiency matters as a starting point for further solution businesses.

Therefore, a large share of our consulting work centers around corporate and business unit strategy as well as around the extension and expansion of the current business model of municipal and regional utilities and large energy companies. Also, we support innovators and newcomers entering the German energy market. A particular focus is on projects in the area of renewable energy and distributed generation. We have supported several energy companies and investors in the preparation of and during acquisitions and divestments as well as foreign energy companies looking at investment opportunities in the German market. Another focus is on transformational projects, e.g. the operational alignment of marketing and sales and cost reductions along the value chain.

Hannes Consulting was founded beginning of 2014 as a consultancy specialized on the energy industry. We work for medium sized and large utilities, energy companies, investors and newcomers on strategic and operational problems.

The founder and owner of Hannes Consulting, Dr. Berthold Hannes, commands more than 20 years of consulting and leadership experience as a partner in the renowned international consulting firms  A.T. Kearney und Bain & Company. You are invited to have a look on the following pages and to get acquainted with our profile and expertise. I am looking forward to hearing from you, please contact us with any questions or remarks.

Since June 2017 Dr. Hannes Consulting is a Klimaneutralitätsbündnis 202member and provides a voluntary contribution to protect the global climate. Please read here about the details and the background.