Market entry into distributed generation: Results

  • Achieved clarity about the best possible technological solutions and markets given the client’s competencies as well as the most attractive target segments (products, customer industries, regions) through:
    • Conducted numerous deep dive interviews with current and potential customers and other market participants
    • Tested and assessed the client’s core competencies (current and realistically achievable) relevant for the distributed generation business
    • Evaluated the competency gap and defined the necessary steps to close it
    • Assessed market size, growth, price trends, future regulatory uncertainties, … for each segment
  • Achieved clarity about the customer requirements in each focus segment
  • Defined a concise business model for each of the focus segments along 5 dimensions: strategical rationale, USP, market access, process model, financial potential
  • Summarized the key financial data in an overriding financial model (plan P&L/ balance sheet, HR plan)
  • Defined and executed concrete steps to fill necessary positions
  • Moderated the board decision to kick-off the market entry into distributed generation


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